Personal Effectiveness Tool

Experiment with PET for yourself

To see PET in more detail you can access our shared demo site. This will allow you to go in and explore both the staff and student areas. The data that is already entered will allow you to see how PET works. You can make new additions wherever you like but they will not be permanently saved. Overnight the demo will return to its original state with the same data as when you first logged on. Here are the login details for the demonstration area for PET.

Student Area

Please click here to access the student area.

Choose one of the logons below:

User: student1   Password: student1

User: student2   Password: student2

User: student3   Password: student3

User: student4   Password: student4

User: student5   Password: student5

Staff Area

Please click here to access the staff area

Choose one of the logons below:

User: staff1        Password: staff1

User: staff2        Password: staff2

User: staff3        Password: staff3

User: staff4        Password: staff4

User: staff5        Password: staff5

Video Demos

Stephen Brown and Gemma Webb, Students at St Bartholomew’s and Forest Schools, Berkshire, have produced two run throughs of PET Enterprise in action. They show the viewer how to set up and assess an activity from the teachers and students perspective.

Click above to see the students’ area in action

Click above to see the teachers’ area in action

If you would like to trial PET, please click here.

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