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Enterprise education is a part of the statutory work related learning requirement for schools in England and Wales. However, there remains a lack of clarity over what enterprise is, what its outcomes are and how it is best delivered.   PET is underpinned by a clear definition of enterprise education.

An ‘enterprise’ may be defined as ‘a bold, new venture’. These will typically involve the following stages.

Stage One - Recognising an opportunity
Spotting what could be better, what isn’t being done or what is needed. This must be followed by the willingness and ability to initiate change.

Stage Two – Planning a venture
Gathering resources and expertise to initiate a new venture. Ensuring that clear aims and plans are put in place to minimise the risk of failure.

Stage Three – Implementing the plan
Making the plan a reality, adapting to change, overcoming barriers to success and performing your role in the team effectively.

Stage Four – Evaluating outcomes
Recognising successes and failures, both of the activity and one’s own performance.

There are broadly three types of enterprise:

  1. Business Enterprise: set up to make a profit 
  2. Social/Community Enterprise: a venture which meets a specific need within a community 
  3. Personal Enterprise: an individual’s attempt to cope with conditions of uncertainty

To be enterprising is to be willing to innovate and initiate bold, new ventures in conditions of uncertainty.

People who are enterprising have what is called ‘enterprise capability’, that is the ability to perform well in enterprising environments. Enterprising people may be more employable, more likely to succeed in self-employment and more able to handle many of the life challenges they will face.

Enterprise education is the process of developing enterprise capability in individuals.

PET Enterprise will enable schools/users to; 

Effectively assess and track enterprise learning
Report to sponsors, outside agencies, and education business partnership organizations on the effectiveness of the school’s enterprise programme
Raise the profile of enterprise learning with student, teachers, parents and the community

PET will integrate with a school’s existing programmes and support them in embedding enterprise across the curriculum.

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