Personal Effectiveness Tool

PET uses the QCA definitions of skills to provide a framework for the development of student’s skills.  PET has flexibility built into it and can be used in a number of ways, as a school wishes.


A school may choose to focus entirely on student self assessment of the PLT Skills.  This can raise student awareness of the skills and provide a regular means of stimulating and capturing reflective learning.  Students are encouraged to consider their progress in all skills areas and are rewarded with credits for self assessment.  Students can also engage in Peer assessment, recognise good PLT Skills in others and reward them for it.

Specific student activities are set up by staff in PET.  This could be an off timetable day, project based work, or lesson where skills are being developed.  PET levels or grades the activity according to its complexity.  After the activity is held the students self assess as described above.

The activity process is  set up as above but in addition the facility is available for teacher assessment.  PET provides the teacher with an assessment process detailing participating students, PLT Skills to be assessed and assessment guidance.  The teacher observes the activity and, in response to prompts provided by PET, makes a judgement on each participating student.  Again points are awarded to students based upon the teacher assessment and the self assessment and overall progress can be demonstrated and measured.

The self assessment can be used regularly by students but activity based teacher and student assessment can be used to provide a benchmark on progress.  This will also highlight differences between teacher and student perceptions of progress.

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