Personal Effectiveness Tool

PET is a tool for promoting personal effectiveness in young people.  In relation to Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) and  Enterprise, this means supporting students in developing a set of skills or capabilities which will equip them for adult life, employment and self employment. These include; creative thinking, independent enquiry, self management, reflective learning, team working, and effective participation among others.

We believe that people only become more effective through a cycle of action, reflection and improvement planning. The journey to self-improvement is a personal one, however learning is more effective if this process is structured and individuals are guided in their learning.

Improvements in knowledge, skills and attitudes are only meaningful if they result in improved performance. Therefore PET advocates assessing what individuals can do as evidence of their learning. By precisely defining the skills and capabilities which are evident in the behaviour of an independent learner, skills development can be assessed and progress tracked.

PET supports the evidencing of skills and capabilities in activities of increasing complexity and challenge. However, the core assessment is undertaken by the learner themselves through a structured self-assessment process. A system of points and rewards recognizes progress and also enables peer to peer assessment.  PET helps the learner recognise and develop their skills where they are most talented and where they most need to improve. Over time, the student is guided through activities which improve understanding of PLTS and Enterprise, promoting deeper reflection and raising aspirations. 

PET advocates a fresh approach to learning which students will find engaging and stimulating.

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